From Prescription Painkillers to Plants: The Evolution of My Morning Ritual

I rollover to shut off my alarm. It's 6AM and I'm barely able to get out of bed because my back is killing me. I pull myself up to sit and pop a prescription strength pain reliever and anti-inflammatory pill. I lay back down and surf social media for 15 minutes, waiting for them to kick in.

For the past twelve years, this has been the only way I could start my day so that I could do all I needed to do and not be in pain. This was me EVERY morning. The mom of 4 kids, a business owner and a wife. This was how I “functioned” to get through my days. This was me just 6 months ago.

Why you ask?

Well, it's simple - I have 4 kids, (no, it's not their fault) but I was blessed with big babies and by big I mean the 10+ pound kinda big. Giving birth to them caused painful scarring in my pelvis and sacrum that up until this point I was not able to find relief for. As luck would have it, I do own a spa and salon, and I have been fortunate to have a tribe of amazing healers around me to help over the years.

So, you name it, I tried it: from chiropractics, physical therapy, walking, pilates, yoga, gyro tonics, to massage, reiki, acupuncture, rolfing, deep tissue, muscle testing, the list goes on and on... and still, I found no relief.

I hated relying on prescription painkillers and was more than desperate for a healthy alternative. 

Not my idea of a healthy morning ritual.

Recently, I noticed friends around me using some new kinds of tinctures that incorporated CBD oil. After interacting with a dear friend who shared her own battle with pain and another one of my staff members who had struggled with anxiety and sleep, I decided to do my own research into what they were using. 

Was it just another hippy dippy thing or was it going to help me - like truly help me?

I researched and ordered lots of different kinds of products and then I decided to just try one. I went for what I was comfortable with and started using a topical cool balm CBD oil stick on my back and did that for 2 weeks alone. I found that the stick would help on contact and get me through moments, but I was still waking up with pain. So I added an oral CBD oil tincture. And for 2 weeks there was no major difference. 

I continued on with my regular routines of massage, acupuncture and so on, but I never knew what was going to flair me up or what would help.

And then, one day, I woke up without pain! WHAT? At first I was in disbelief - I had thought that I would be on meds forever.

I finally felt like I had a new lease on life and my pain wasn’t going to stop me from living my life. I was able to start walking and exercising and, even more importantly, SLEEPING! Sleep deprivation can be a killer of everything - I hadn't realized to what extent until I started to finally get some quality rest.

Plants helped me to feel better.

Now, I do believe that life is a balance of ALL things: a healthy diet, staying hydrated, exercising, loving and being in your body, laughing and enjoying life. Incorporating all of these things, plus the new ingredient of CBD oil has shifted so many things for me. This gift that I have been given, of having pain free days, has changed my life completely. I now say YES to almost everything, and cannot express the joy this brings.

I have always believed in the power of plants to heal, having used homeopathy and herbs my entire adult life, and will forever be grateful to mother nature for her gifts.

If you're interested in exploring CBD oil for yourself, know that there are many brands out there, so make sure to do your research.

My wish for everyone is that we may all continue to examine our daily rituals and discover ways in which to make our lives better and better, together.



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