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Conscious Coconut supports fair trade practices, employs adults with disabilities and for every product sold, a meal is donated to a child in need.

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Situated in a 250 year old restored mill, Euphoria is the ultimate self-care haven.

Upon entering the Studio, your senses are immediately pleased - from a Boutique full of the most up-to-date beauty products, organic hair & skin care, a unique mix of clothing and accessories, to a full Salon & Spa, Euphoria offers something for everyone.

A visit to Euphoria leaves you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and full of life.

A woman with a beautiful blowout sits in a chair in the Euphoria Salon
A Buddha statue in the waiting room of the Euphoria Spa

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I’m Melissa Joy Olson and I help women support, love, and care for themselves as they make the transition to business owners.

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NEW Hours:
Tuesday, 9-5
Wednesday, 9-9
Thursday, 9-9
Friday, 9-5
Saturday, 9-5

15 Trenton Avenue
Frenchtown, NJ

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