I always walk out relaxed and refreshed. Never a care in the world when the ladies at Euphoria are done with me!

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Our Staff

Sydne pinelli - SALON master STYLIST

A stylist for 20 years, Sydne has trained extensively with Bumble + Bumble, Redken, and Arrojo, and has mastered the art of razor cutting and styling.

"The most important thing to me about being a stylist is to go to work every day inspired and ready to make people feel good about themselves. I am inspired by many things - from different cultures, to music, film, art in a gallery, or a girl in a coffee shop - I'm always looking beyond the surface to dissect the subject and incorporate different elements into my work."

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Pam schulley - salon master stylist

Pam's career began 17 years ago in New York City, where she was exposed to all of the creative elements of the industry including editorial shoots, Reality TV, NYC Fashion Week, and teaching. From there she moved to Philadelphia where she worked alongside fellow NYC stylists including Adrienne Rogers, Creative Director of Product Club. After starting a family, Pam settled down in Frenchtown and has made a delightful home at Euphoria Studio.

"The most important thing about being a stylist, to me, is the moment of joy when my client sees and feels their new hair. My inspiration comes from texture. I love working with a client's natural texture - whether it's curls, waves or straight. It's all about the details in making their texture work for them."

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Shelby has been an integral part of Euphoria's team for 7 years. She finds inspiration in continuing education and in seeing the latest trends online and in day-to-day life.

"Almost any trend can be turned into some type of hair style, looking at shape and color palettes. The most important thing about being a stylist is listening. Skill is important, but being a good listener is key to having a client leave happy with their hair and service."


Maggie Meyerhoff - SALON STYLIST

Maggie started out her career as an apprentice at Euphoria and has trained under Arrojo and Redken artists throughout the years.

"The most important thing to me as a stylist is being able to create something that makes my client smile. I am inspired by art of all kinds, music, architecture, nature, cities, fashion, poetry, and individuals. It is fascinating that all of the things I see with my own two eyes inspire me to create my own art in many forms. I love the way colors blend, how the sun kisses water, and the pattern of fabrics lying together on a shirt or dress. Wherever life takes me there is always beauty."

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Alyssa Ferraro - SALON STYLIST

A stylist for 7 years, Alyssa started her career assisting at Euphoria.

"To me, the relationships created between my clients and me is the most important part of being a stylist. Working in the hair industry, I’ve learned that just about anything can give me inspiration - whether it be a picture from a magazine, something on social media, or a new technique learned in a class, the simplest thing can give me that spark to create something amazing. More than anything, I look to my coworkers for inspiration. With so many creative minds floating around Euphoria, it’s hard not to be influenced by each and every one."

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Anna is a senior stylist here at Euphoria and has been in the industry for over 12 years.

"I’m a hairstylist because I love connecting with people. I’m inspired by art and culture and the amazing work of my peers in the industry. In my off time, I'm with my family hanging out beach-side, traveling, and doing my part to help the world, Wonder Woman style."

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Kacey Argila - SPA

Kacey has been with Euphoria Studio for over 10 years and specializes in skincare, adolescent deep cleansing facials, anti-aging treatments, eyebrow shaping, body waxing, eyelash and brow tinting, and nails.

"As much as you are what you eat, you are what you put on your skin and body. Be conscious of what you're using. Staying hydrated, applying a mineral based SPF moisturizer, and being consistent with your skincare routine helps the longevity of your skin. As the seasons change so does your skin."

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Honora Gilmore - SPA

Honora's calm energy is infectious and clients love her ability to sense exactly what is needed. A massage therapist since 2014, and an energy worker for over a decade, Honora's specialty is Polarity Therapy.

"My goal is always to return the self to balance, inviting a sense of peace throughout the body."

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Laura Pudlowski - SPA

Laura’s background is extensive, as she has specialized in numerous modalities over the last 25 years of practice. Her specific skill set involves taking the cumulative knowledge of many forms of manual therapy and energetic healing techniques and tailoring them into an individual's massage session to meet their desired goals and needs.

"A careful listener and observer, I take what I see evident in a client's physical structure, what I hear them say are their concerns, and what I know, to construct a very positive, successful massage experience."

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bethann eichlin - SPA

Bethann has been a massage therapist and healer for 22 years. She specializes in Reflexology as well as Reiki and Massage. She finds it most valuable to begin each session listening and observing her guest's body language to discover how to best combine her skills for that session.

"I have a passion and feel very blessed for this career."

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Deenie Totten - SPA

Deenie's career began over 30 years ago as a manicurist. She is very passionate about her craft and inspired by the latest trends and techniques. She specializes in the art and health of natural nails and enjoys making people look and feel their best.

Deenie's number one priority is to provide clients with a great experience and quality service. She is always ready to chat and engage with her clients, making each appointment a new experience. Her charming personality will have you feel as if you've made a new friend for life!

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Jen Saenger - SPA

Jen is an esthetician who loves everything about the skin. She enjoys helping clients feel relaxed and, most importantly, happy in the skin they are born in. After all, that's the only one you get.

"Beauty comes from the inside and that's when you truly see it on the outside."

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Kalyn Stephens - front desk

Kalyn has been with Euphoria for over 5 years. She has worn many hats over the years and is the voice behind the phone and the welcoming smile when you enter. She is your go-to for all scheduling needs.

Melissa Olson - owner

Melissa is blessed to be the head of our incredible team and staff here at Euphoria Studio. She has worked in the Beauty and Wellness industry for over 25 years.

"Three things I think are important to be successful in this industry: stay humble, stay on the edge of what's going on, and love your craft! These three things really change lives and impact not only the people we work with but the people we get the privilege to serve. We look forward to seeing you soon!"  

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